Father Z on meeting Pope Francis in 2009

Wow.  What a day!  I’m still trying to process everything. I fully expected the conclave to go on at least until tomorrow, but I guess the Holy Spirit had another plan.  That plan is Pope Francis.

It will take some time to really get to know our new Pope, but as I have started to learn about him, I came across this post from Fr. John Zuhlsdorf from 2009. If your heart isn’t moved by the humble, unassuming nature of our new Holy Father, you might not be wired right.

In one case, I recall for several days being on pretty much the same schedule as a visiting priest from Argentina.  He was a very pleasant fellow, whose Italian wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t bad.  He was clearly very smart and had a serene and affable way about him, though he wasn’t loquacious.  We chatted for some days and enjoyed company at meals.  Normally, I would just stick to small talk with visitors, and let them guide how far they wanted to talk about their business.

Then one day as I was leaving the palazzo, he was getting out of a car and coming in, wearing under a greca the house cassock, fascia, and zucchetto of a Cardinal of Holy Roman Church.

It turns out that it was Jorge Card. Bergoglio I had been lunching with.

I certainly recommend reading the entire post. Pope Francis’s view on the importance of the Sacrament of Baptism shows what a great shepherd God has given us.