Introducing “Clippings ✂︎”

If you follow The Slow Tonsure on Twitter, Facebook or via the RSS feed, you’ve probably noticed that after a long period of silence, there has been a sudden flurry of activity over the past couple of weeks.  After a few months of writer’s block, I decided to try a new twist on an idea that I introduced not long after the launch of this site.

You may remember the Weekly Clippings feature that I once published on weekends.  I’ve taken the concept, dropped the weekly idea, and merged it with an idea called link listing.  Link listing is used at a few of the technology sites that I read on a daily basis, and I really like it.  The idea is simple.  I read something interesting and link to it from here.  Sometimes there will be a quote or commentary.  Sometimes there will not be.

The pair of scissors on the right of a headline act as a permalink to The Slow Tonsure and my commentary.

There are a couple of things about Clippings that you may notice act differently than other content on the site.  The whole idea of this is to get you to the original content.  So when you click on the title of the post, it will take you directly to it.  If you are interested in linking to this site’s commentary, click the scissors to the right of the headline.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 4.28.30 PM

When viewing a social or RSS feed, the star indicates original or non-linked content.

Original content will be highlighted in social and RSS feeds with a star (✦).  If you see this, you’ll know it is a link to my writing or a non-Clippings post.  Additionally, I’ve added some links to the menu on the left to help you navigate between the different content types.

I hope you like this new feature.  There is a lot of good writing out there, and I hope to share the best of what I am reading with you.