Churches the new Airbnb as ‘champing’ proves popular  ✂︎

On the heels of the projection of Christianity’s extinction in Britain, comes a story in the Telegraph of how churches are being rented as camping spaces.  “Champing” as they call it is showing how churches in the country are looked at no differently than castles or museums that people pay to visit for historical reasons instead of spiritual.

“As a veteran ‘champer’, I can recommend it without reservation. There’s something so special about the silence and tranquillity of a rural church, and enjoying this over two days is a great way to commune with centuries of history, whilst escaping the push-button trappings of modern life.

“It’s great to be able to give guests the opportunity to be the key holder of one of our churches for a weekend, so they can not only enjoy the interior beauty of these buildings, but also head out and enjoy the natural beauty of rural England in the same way our ancestors would have, travelling on foot, dining at the local pub and soaking up the sights and sounds of the country.”