Thus saith The New York Times: Compassion is the opposite of Catholic doctrine  ✂︎

Terry Mattingly for GetReligion on the New York Times talk with Gerhard Ludwig Cardinal Müller regarding Pope Francis, politics and Church doctrine:

So again: Pope Francis provided no clear wins for the doctrinal right but he also provided no clear wins – on doctrine – for those who want to change church teachings. The Times said so.

Instead, he continued to call for a more pastoral approach to the application of core moral doctrines. Clearly, that equals a lose [sic] for conservatives, because compassion and orthodoxy cannot be combined. Anything that includes an acknowledgement of sin and the need for repentance (followed by forgiveness) is cruel and [must] be changed, even though this pope talks, and talks and talks about the importance of Confession.

(via The Anchoress)