About The Slow Tonsure

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Writings on life, religion, philosophy, and music by Kevin L. Dayton.

The Name

To tonsure is to cut or shave a portion of a person’s hair as an outward sign of that person’s internal consecration to God. It is most commonly seen among monks and others who take holy orders (think St. Francis of Assisi). To be clear, I am not entering monastic life, nor am I taking any sort of holy orders. I am, however, balding.

I’ve been slowly losing my hair since 1997. At times, like many other men, I’ve struggled with the vanity of hair loss. In many ways, the slow process of going bald has served as both a point of humility and an opportunity to take myself a little less seriously. It’s pace also mirrors that at which my internal consecration is occurring: slow and steady. God’s work in me continues to be a long process that is ongoing daily. Just as He is slowy tonsuring me, He is slowly consecrating me to Himself. I hope this site will be a reflection of this process of daily conversion and struggle with some humor mixed in.