Weekly Clippings: Divided We Fall Edition

It’s been about a month since Pope-emertius Benedict XVI’s resignation became official, and now we are a couple of weeks into Pope Francis’s pontificate.  While there was a fair amount of sadness as Benedict left the chair of St. Peter followed by a great deal of joy with the election of Francis, there has also been a divisive undertone among many Catholics and members of the media trying to pit the Pope against the Pope-emertitus.  Personally, I wish it would stop, and from my reading this week, I see that I am not the only one. Continue reading →

Weekly Clippings: Habemus Papam Franciscus Edition


What a week it has been! It might only be time for Spring Training, but it is clear that the Holy Spirit’s curveball is in mid-season form. I think it is safe to say that no one saw the election of Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio as Pope Francis coming. Despite being the rumored “runner-up” in 2005, Bergoglio was a relative unknown to most, especially in the English speaking world. Even top Vatican insider John Allen, Jr., who some are saying predicted this, admits that all he had done was profile the Cardinal along with 21 others.

There were so many articles covering the news this week that it was nearly impossible to decide which ones to clip, but here are a few links for your weekend enjoyment. Continue reading →