Announcing The Slow Tonsure

The Introduction

My name is Kevin L. Dayton. I am a software developer from Oklahoma City. More importantly, I am a husband to a great wife and a convert to the Catholic faith. I try to serve the church with my talents as best I can. I currently act as volunteer Webmaster at The Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. I also lead summer sessions of RCIA Inquiry, during which I answer questions about the Catholic faith and do a bit of small-group apologetics.

The Site Name

To tonsure is to cut or shave a portion of a person’s hair as an outward sign of that person’s internal consecration to God. It is most commonly seen among monks and others who take holy orders (think St. Francis of Assisi). To be clear, I am not entering monastic life, nor am I taking any sort of holy orders. I am, however, balding.

I’ve been slowly losing my hair since 1997. At times, like many other men, I’ve struggled with the vanity of hair loss. In many ways, the slow process of going bald has served as both a point of humility and an opportunity to take myself a little less seriously. It’s pace also mirrors that at which my internal consecration is occurring: slow and steady. God’s work in me continues to be a long process that is ongoing daily. Just as He is slowy tonsuring me, He is slowly consecrating me to Himself. I hope this site will be a reflection of this process of daily conversion and struggle with some humor mixed in.

The Purpose

I have attempted blogging before, and I’ve failed every time. I’ve never found a purpose or a unique voice that did anything other than add to the noise of the Internet. This blog is a new attempt at focusing in on a unique intersection of my passions: God, technology and evangelization. I want to talk about how technology, when used properly, can be used to connect us to each other and, most importantly, to God.

The Timing

The idea for this blog was planted in my mind last October while on pilgrimage in Rome over wine and pasta with fellow pilgrims at Ristorante Lo Scarpone. I never acted on it and nearly forgot about it until attending the Catholic New Media Conference last week. Listening to the bloggers speak inspired me to give blogging another try.

Then there is today. September 3, 2012 marks the seventh anniversary of my coming into full communion with the Catholic Church. It is a landmark day in my life. With seven being my lucky number, I could not think of a better day to dive into this new project. It might take a bit of time to get things going full steam, but I am ready to forge ahead and “embrace permanent beta mode”1.

The Welcome

Finally, after all these words, I want to welcome you to The Slow Tonsure and thank you for stopping by. I hope that you get something out of my writings and ramblings.

1 Credit to Joel & Lisa at The Practicing Catholic who used that phrase in their CNMC 2012 presentation “Starting a Blog Without a Clue: 10 Basic Things We Learned in the First 2 Years.”