Conclave 2013: How are you following it?

View from the top of St. Peter's BasilicaOur Sunday Visitor has released a detailed schedule of how the papal conclave should happen.  If you are like me, you see that schedule and are probably wondering how you are going to get your work done at the office this week while trying to follow one of the biggest moments in Catholic history.  Unless you work at an office that allows for constant TV monitoring, you will certainly, like me, have to rely on the Internet to keep you up to date.  If that is the case, how are you planning on doing it?  What kind of resources will you be using?  I don’t know any secrets, but I’ve listed some of my resources below.


It was really cool to see Catholics around the world flock to Twitter as Benedict XVI officially left the Chair of St. Peter.  In addition to the pure news aspect of the event, it provided very personal reactions as well.  I expect that the conclave and election of Benedict’s successor will follow similarly.  If you don’t already follow them, here are a few Twitter accounts I might suggest to help you keep up to date.

  1. @TheSlowTonsure – A shamless plug, of course, but I will be tweeting and re-tweeting things all this week.
  2. @newsva_en – The official account for Vatican news.
  3. @EWTN – US-based TV network.
  4. @CatholicNewsSvc – The official account of the USCCB news service.
  5. @RoccoPalmo – A blogger who always seems to find the scoop before everyone else.
  6. @CatholicTravel – A traveler and friend of mine who is on the ground in Rome with about 30 pilgrims and is posting great pictures.

Or, if you’d rather go straight to the source of the news, you can follow the Sistine Chapel’s chimney.  Of course, as sometimes happens when the Chair of St. Peter is empty, conflict arises, and thus, there are competing accounts who claim to be the chimney.  They are @ConclaveChimney and @PapalSmokeStack.  Luckily, both are entertaining to follow.

Along with people on Twitter, you can also look out for hashtags.  The most popular tag that I am seeing in use so far is #Conclave, but I’m guessing #HabemusPapam will start gaining steam once the white smoke appears.

The Web, Apps, and Streaming Video/Audio

If you are in a place where you can stream video to your computer, phone or tablet, there are a few good resources out there.  These are the main ones to which I will be glued.

  1. Pope App (iOS/Android)
  2. App (iOS/Android)
  3. The Catholic Channel (via SiriusXM – Subscription Required) (iOS/Android)

All of these have streaming on both the Web and their mobile apps.  As for what they will be airing once the conclave starts, I am not sure.  I would think that both EWTN Radio and The Catholic Channel will have some sort of live programming, and if not, will certainly break in live, if white smoke appears.

With those resources available, I plan on watching or listening to streaming media when I can and staying attached to Twitter when I cannot.

For those less obsessed

Of course, not everyone is information-obsessed like me.  You may not be interested in all the details, speculation and commentary, and would rather just have someone tell you when there is a new pope.  If that is the case, maybe is more for you.  Sign up, and it will text or e-mail you when the white smoke appears.

What about you?

Have I missed anything?  Your suggestions and comments are welcomed.