Thus saith The New York Times: Compassion is the opposite of Catholic doctrine  ✂︎

Terry Mattingly for GetReligion on the New York Times talk with Gerhard Ludwig Cardinal Müller regarding Pope Francis, politics and Church doctrine:

So again: Pope Francis provided no clear wins for the doctrinal right but he also provided no clear wins – on doctrine – for those who want to change church teachings. The Times said so.

Instead, he continued to call for a more pastoral approach to the application of core moral doctrines. Clearly, that equals a lose [sic] for conservatives, because compassion and orthodoxy cannot be combined. Anything that includes an acknowledgement of sin and the need for repentance (followed by forgiveness) is cruel and [must] be changed, even though this pope talks, and talks and talks about the importance of Confession.

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Perception, the Press, and the Pursuit of Truth

For those that don’t know me well, I am a huge sports fan.  Specifically, I am a big Oklahoma State University sports fan.  Rooting for my alma mater is something that has been a part of my life since long before my matriculation in Stillwater, OK.  Two weeks ago, while enjoying the OSU football team beating up on a well-undermanned University of Texas-San Antonio team, I began to hear and read rumors that a big scandal was about to break regarding the Cowboy football program.

Sure enough a few hours later, the school sent out a mass e-mail warning alumni and fans that Sports Illustrated was about to run a series of stories that would make allegations of disturbing behavior that ran the gamut of NCAA violations.  Anxiety of the unknown hammer that was about to drop consumed me and the rest of the fan base who love the school so much.

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